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Simplifying Your Daily Business Processes


As a team working for a large and medium size company, we ran into the same issues. How to make every day work easier without spending alot of money on complex computer systems. One of the things that annoyed us was the ability to train and then track that training for employees. This was highlighted when one of our companies failed the ISO 9001 audit due to document control for our training and compentcies of our employees.

Supports ISO Certification

Certification audits? No problem. Pull up reports in real time and show auditors how your company is on the cutting edge! The system tracks revision levels for the classes. With a revision to the class, the employee now sees that they must retrain on that class.

Find Information Quickly
No Paper

What else could you do with the time you spend searching stacks of paper? Stop sifting through folders to find employee records. Our system gives you instant search powers at your fingertips. Teaching a class? No more searching for training files. Just login, choose a class you created, flip through the slides and start teaching!

Scalable and Flexible

Big or small our system is scalable to meet your needs. Built on the latest cloud infrastructure we grow with you. Why should big companies who spend years and $$$ building ugly, outdated and complicated software without sharing. We built our system to be a clean, modern environment for any size business. 

Supports Lean Manufacturing

As part of standard work, it is easy to add single point lessons for training and provide team members a tablet to read and agree to the lesson. It also supports PDCA by providing a basis to train for new processes.

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