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The system is designed to make training powerful and easy. At the core are the classes which are easily adapted from current PowerPoint or PDF documents. The questions are then added or deleted and the correct answer selected. Building the rest of the structure is designed by department, job function and employee.


Add as many classes as you want! Space is unlimited thru the flexibility of the cloud.


Setting Up Job Function Requirements


Setting up departments and assigning training to job functions is easy as clicking on a cell in a training matrix.


Visual ......... Professional Power

Status in a Snap


Employees, Supervisors and Training Managers can see the status in real time. See how the employee is doing on training and the amount of time they spend.


Professional Power .. Simple

Skills Matrix


Tired of using Excel to do those skills matrix's for your metric boards.


Online ......... Time Saver

Class Setup


Use current training documents by uploading a PowerPoint, PDF or Video.


Did We Mention Simple ......... 

Test Taking


The right answer is highlighted for instant feedback. Once an answer is selected, they can't change their slection. In addition, the test can be randomized to prevent answer memorization.


Enforce Learning .........

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